Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventures - An Engagment Story

God does crazy things, we hear about them all the time, yet somehow we seem to sweep them under the rug. We hear of healings and think, “O that’s cool.” Or we hear of how someone came from death to life by the power of Jesus and think, “Let’s not get too spiritual, okay?”

I’ve done this, thought this, and been this. I’m a realist… well maybe just a cynic – I was one, I can’t be one anymore, there’s no room for me to be cynical when God is driving a stake of conviction into my heart about the miraculous ways in which he’s provided, is providing and has promised to provide for me and the woman I know (because he told me) to be my wife.

So this is my feeble attempt to remember and write as much as I can about these past few weeks – months wherein God has taken my cynical heart and is drawing the poison of apathy out of it bit by bit. How God has looked at the brokenness of my heart and healed me. How God is King, ruler of all, sovereign over my emotions and my love and my future marriage. Someday I want my kids to read this and be floored to worship Jesus because of the story of their parents - that we are because he did it.

            First is my story, we’ll add Mackenzie’s later.

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