Saturday, October 20, 2007

Once again

The “Feel-good” or the “Prosperity Gospel” Church is something that has been consuming my thoughts for the past few months. I am astonished that so many thousands of people are giving into this blasphemous teaching. My heart is broken that the Word of the Living God is being mutilated and treated worse than the refuse of man. My soul cries our for God’s wrath to rain down upon this indignant people, we as a whole deserve nothing less. “We are worms groveling in the dirt holding in contempt the Majesty of Heaven” (Edwards). These words have never range more truly than in this wretched day. We are in dire need of being shown our wrongs. The teachers who preach this blasphemy are, in fact, damning their congregation to hell, and creating nothing more than moral pagans. The American Church is on the edge of a knife, and we need to take a stand against such teaching. This I beg of you, to speak, and teach, and lead against this sacrilege. I, once again, implore you to aid, and help save these people who are blinded and consequently being lead, through the gates of hell.

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