Thursday, October 18, 2007


First let me say that God's providence is amazing, working everything around for the glory of God, our maker. That we go about our day, and by His providence we are still alive and breathing at the end of the day is astounding in, and of, itself, but to see how God works seemingly small insignificant things to His glory is incredible. I write this note because, while I was in Egypt God used me to lead a Muslim to Christ, He used a small tract that the Church had given to me, entitled, " Two ways to live." This small tract sat in my Bible for over a year doing nothing but holding the place of a passage I thought was important. Until one day while I was speaking with this Muslim man, and remembered it sitting there. I went through what it had to say, and asked the man if he would like to pray the prayer at the end of the tract, He said "yes." My point is that this small piece of paper that I had, had for over year, that I thought I would never really do anything with became the greatest tool that day in helping me lead a man to the knowledge of his Savior. Because of the providence of God this small thing helped a man come to the knowledge of His loving Son.
Charles Spurgeon says about providence, " Providence is comparable to a wheel because sometimes one part of the wheel is at the top, and once again is at the bottom... You know in the wheel there is one portion that never turns round, that stands steadfast; and that is the axle... Other things my move but God's will never moves." This is the very essence of God's will, it never changes, it is always the same, it is always there, and it is perfect. We go about our lives doing what we think is of no concern to God, when out of seemingly nowhere, we have the massive opportunity to give the word of God to another, or just the mere moment to show someone what a Christian is like, by only our actions. "Such is the providence of God; wherever you are, the eye of God will be upon you, as much upon you as if you there were not another person in the world."
God's will is amazingly unchanging and perfect, no matter how much we think we screw up we are still in God's providence, we may be learning a lesson at that particular moment, but we are still in the providence of God. Whether we are Christians or not, there is no escaping His will for our lives. This is the lesson Christ has been teaching to me for quite some time now, I pray that this is a comfort to you all, and that we continue to live our lives with the knowledge of, God is always watching you for you are apart of His providence, so live your life in a manner that will be a glorification to God at all times, so that others may see.
"Preach the gospel aways, and when necessary use words." -St. Francis Assisi

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