Thursday, October 18, 2007


I know that this is a subject that is focused on quite a bit in any church (hopefully), and it is one that needs the attention. I know for a fact, that I, am horrible about putting my needs before God. It is something that we are called to do, and should be doing without ceasing. John Calvin says about prayer, " For there is a communion of men with God by which, having entered the heavenly sanctuary, they appeal to him in person concerning his promises in order to experience, where necessity so demands, that what believed was not in vain, although he had promised it in word alone. Therefore we see that to us nothing is promised to be expected from the Lord, which we are not also bidden to ask of him in prayers." Prayer is the very way that we come into communion with God, and make known to Him (even though he already knows) our needs and concerns, prayer is also the most sincere act of worship that we can have toward God; to let him know that we have complete faith in a situation and that we are utterly willing to give that moment, situation, or fear, up to him. Words truly fail in the effort to explain how necessary prayer is in a Christians life, and how profitable it is in the our walk with him.
By praying we, "Invoke the presence both of his providence, through which he watches over and guards our affairs, and of his power, through which he sustains us, weak as we are and well-nigh overcome, miserably burdened with sins, unto grace; in short, it is by prayer that we call him to reveal himself as wholly present to us. Hence comes an extraordinary peace and repose to our consciences. For having disclosed to the Lord the necessity that was pressing upon us, we even rest fully in the thought that none of our ills is hid from him who, we are convinced, has both the will and the power to take the best care of us."

I am not saying that if you pray for the hot new girlfriend or car it is going to be given you. What I am pushing so earnestly toward is that God wants us to show our faith in Him by praying to him, and giving all of our cares and worries to him that he can work his sovereign will in and through every situation that we happen upon. Prayer is NOT a get our best life now idea, it is coming before the all encompassing, all powerful Savior and Creator of the earth, and make your request known before him. We must cry out to him. "Abba! Father! I need you in this wretched time, I need you to take my shamble of a life, and make me yours for without you I am nothing, without you will I am empty and wondering, but a mere worm alone in the dirt." This gives the Christian a new hope in this horrid world, that we can talk freely to our Leader, in this time of war, that he will hear us and answer them. Take solace in that we can always talk to Christ, no matter if we are in the depths of the valley, or on the highest peak of the world. We are always called to make known our requests before the Holy Living God.

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