Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As I sat and read my book (Lectures to my Students), and drank my coffee at the good old Starbucks, I realized that I do not spend the amount of time I should being quiet. My last post was a preaching more to myself than to anyone else. As I read I came across this line, "He is not always in the act of prayer, but he lives in the spirit of it." This is how we should be, steeped in constant communion with God. Reveling in the glory of God, growing strong in spirit that we may continually be a witness to others. As we wait upon God's answer we are often giving more light in this world of darkness, that we may gain, but a glimpse, of the providence of God. "Prayer may not make you eloquent after a human mode, but it will make you truly so, for you will speak out of the heart; and is not that the meaning of the word eloquence? It will bring fire from heaven upon your sacrifice, and thus prove it to be accepted of the Lord." Even though Spurgeon is speaking to those who aspire to be ministers, I feel that this is applicable to the everyday Christian. If we be not in consistent prayer then we will not be in touch with the Holy Spirit, and may miss the people that we are suppose to be sharing Christ with. "We not only ought to pray more, but we must." So, let us find the quiet place ,and be silent, and pray.
"Sacred silence! thou that art
Floodgate of the deeper heart
Offspring of Heavenly kind;
Frost o' the mouth, and thaw o' the mind."

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