Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Romans 7:24-25

So, as I was in Egypt my "life verse" change from Micah 4:5 to Romans 7:24-25.
There is such a power in that verse (Romans 7:24-25) it is, of course, written by Paul to the Romans. It is at the very end of the chapter that is mostly discribed as, "Get out of Romans 7 and on to Romans 8." Like this part of the Bible is some how less inspired by God or something. Romans seven is all about man and his sinfulness, how the Christian struggles with his indwelling sin, "For what I will to do, that I do not practice, but that I hate, I do." This chapter is the perfect description of me, and I'm sure, every other Christian out there. We do the very thing that we hate, and every time we do it we are broken inside, that we continue to do that same sin repeatably.
That we are inherently sinful and apart from God we are complete and utter wretches, we are, "Worms groveling in the dirt holding in contempt the Majesty of Heaven (Edwards)." We, while still in our sin, would like nothing more than to hate God forever, there is nothing that we want to do with Him, because He is so very perfect and we a wretched people of debase minds would like nothing more than to see Him fail at something... anything. But God in His infinite mercy and grace, brings the elect to Himself and loves them, "In that while we were still sinner Christ died for us." And by His loving kindness He allowed His only Son to come and pay a ransom fr many, by letting these evil people take His Son rip his flesh apart, and hammer rusting nails into His hands and His feet, and killing this perfect man. But when Christ rose from the grave and, "Lead captivity captive" this gift of eternal life is available for those who are called. Letting the Christian say, " O' wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death? I think God-through Jesus Christ my Lord." Romans 7:24-25

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